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Jewel Bass
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With special thanks to:
Phillip Best & staff at Caribbean Records (Barbados).       The songwriter Sach Moore.   Merle Niles.   Reeco Butcher.
...and of course to Mr. Richard Stoute & the original band members:  A very big thank you.

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Jewel Bass
Caribbean Records
This track just had to be reissued on 45.    Without doubt the rarest 45 from the legendary label out Jackson, Mississippi that is Malaco records.    Many collectors may assume that claim should be paired with the Patterson Twins super rare single,  a very highly prized and priced collector's piece of superior quality, but that release does on occasion surface into the buyers market.    The same cannot be said  of "I tried it and I liked it".   I really do doubt that it is owned by more than just a few within the world of Soul & Funk collectors & DJs. 

I first heard this track in the early 1990s Manchester (UK) and right from hearing the opening boom of THAT bassline I have been on the hunt for a ever since and very illusive it proved to be indeed.     Lady luck shined down on me only very recently when I managed to secure an original copy, albeit a slightly crackly one.     But here it is, remastered, loud cut and available for those quick enough to bag a limited edition copy.

The original Malaco 45 release
Jewel Bass has, under her own name released several sought after Funk and Soul 45s, but it is the sum of her work as a backing singer that has seen her acknowledged as "Mississippi's most recorded voice".    Due to the span of decades and sheer amount of releases that she has been associated with we will not attempt to write a musical biography for her, but rest assured Jewel has sung on hundreds of records by dozens of artists.   For example: 
Rightly recognised as a formidable talent and indeed a 'Rhythm & Blues Diva' with notable record sales to support this claim but for one reason or another, this supreme side has remained largely unknown.   There are many similar tales of Soul recordings comparable to the immediate class of ' I tried it and I liked it" that equally could have gone onto the dizzy heights of commercial success & this track is a stunning example of that.    Just compare the original sales of this 45 and say Jean Knight's multi million seller 'Mr. Big Stuff'.    This track just could have been that successful.    Both tracks have a similar heritage and that certain groove and Jewel even cut her own version which was not released at the time!

The Masters for this Recording have only recently been discovered in the archives at Malaco,  there has been a compilation CD featuring this track released before now and even that was lovingly restored and remastered from the same 45 that I heard nearly twenty years ago.

So finally we have this supreme sister funk groove, remastered, loud pressed and legitmately issued again on a vinyl 45.    Hey, seriously now - don't miss this one, it's special.  Try it.......

With special thanks to:

Stewart Madsion, Tommy Couch & Kent Bruce of Malaco Recordings.    The 'Age of Aquarius Band'. 
DJ Dean and as always in our credits, last but by no means least, with huge appreciation:  Jewel Bass.   RIP: Wardell Quezergue

Richard Stoute

By no means a track of true B-Side values,  Sticky Records presents to you a recording of high calibre & a supreme piece of early 70s Barbados Soul.   In 1971 Richard Stoute was the winner of a Caribbean Soul contest and was crowned 'The Caribbean Soul King' and since then he has become a veteran singer, promoter, even attributed by some as being a Godfather of Barbadian entertainment & a recipient of many  music related awards and civic accolades. 

Best known nowadays for his longstanding (30 years) "Richard Stoute Teen Talent Contest" in Barbados and being an inspiration to many aspiring Bajan youth.


now made in Barbados the recollection is of that the accompanying musicians were provided by a three-man band led by
The original TREX 45 release

The Trex Label was owned by legendary West Indies Records Ltd (WIRL) and nearly all of their files, history and master recordings were destroyed in a fire many years ago,  this also saw WIRL's demise.     This has by far been the longest licensing journey travelled,  taking over a year to complete.   Sticky Records are proud to locate and liaise with the original artists, songwriters, band members and sometimes establishing rights to these vintage relatively small scale local releases can be a long winded process.      And when the Master Recordings have been lost forevever it is also with pride that we present this recording and help along in its musical preservation.   

What bag are you in?

Johnny Taylor, Bobby Bland, B.B. King, Little Milton, Lou Rawls, King Floyd and more recently Cassandra Wilson.     She is currently part of a band called "These Days".    She seriously knows how to sing Soul, Jazz and R&B.
Richard was founding member of 'The Opels', has also contributed vocal duties to the legendary 'Blue Rhythm Combo' & has released numerous singles, his own LP and has also been featured on compilations and reissues.  But this release is the first since it's small quantity original pressing.

This track from 1971 (possibly 1972) was originally released on the TREX label and as far as the numerous contacts I have
Lloyd Wilson, Jr. on keyboards; Belle Small on Bass;  Ronnie Cumberbatch on Drums and of course Richard Stoute delivering those distinct vocal tones. Lloyd and Ronnie formerly played in one of the island's leading bands - "Lloyd Wilson & the Fantastics"  their musical style was said to be similar in feel to Booker T & the MGs'.    Lloyd was considered then to be the best keyboardist anywhere on the island - just killer at the keys and pedals of a Hammond Organ.    We haven't been able to establish who the horn section was.   Track written by Mr. Sach Moore.

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