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Information on the band and the track is very scant indeed.   It does not appear to have been released around the time of recording (admittedly I am guessing when I say late 60s,  it could be anytime up to mid 70s)  the track only first surfaced on a very small manufacture run from an independent Californian based record label on a 12" in 1991.     The same track was on both sides and it just looked, sounded & was of a length which said this should really be a 7 inch.

The track is written, produced and arranged by Roger Hatcher, a man born in 1940s Alabama, who came from a family steeped in soulful heritage.  His cousin was Edwin Starr and his brother was the soulful legend Willie Hatcher, both siblings have been responsible for numerous notable additions to the recorded world of Soul music as: writers, producers, managers, arrangers and so much more.   Will continues to be engrossed in music and is currently involved in and formulating many soulful projects.

Roger, sadly passed away relatively recently and it is through contact with Will Hatcher that Sticky Records was able to secure the rights to make this soulful gem available again on vinyl and on that beloved of formats - the 45.

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Allan Mawdsley for the remastering, click to contact him if you need an excellent London based sound engineer and to the Sound Safe Studio, London, please feel free to contact them for a competitively priced complete studio package on 07930 994 247.

Black Pepper the band.   Super Bad Music,  Adamant Music and Golden Wax Records.

Ralph Tee of Expansion Records.

Roger Hatcher, Rest in Peace and thank you for your contributions to the world of music.

With a special thank you to:
Details about the session and the master tapes have not been located (if any still exist!), the label is no longer in business.   I can only guess when I say that this may have been a part finished project (Black Pepper only appear to have recorded this single song)  intended for release at the time but for whatever reason, shelved and then stumbled across at  a later date with astonishment.

There is also the chance that the release could have been hampered  by the lyrical content as it may not have been seen as appropriate by the conservative radio of the time.     This is not the most common of topics for a soul side,  we don't have wails and tales of heartbreak, infidelity and separation or indeed political comment or just plain joy, she vocalises a complaint in no uncertain terms about how her man has ran out of gas (again) when she plainly needs more!    She puts her side of the story across concisely.   "You ought to see a Doctor and see what's wrong"!     Tough.

I also haven't even been able to find the name of the female vocalist as she is uncredited -  But what a voice.  WHAT A VOICE  - and indeed what a band. So, not much of a story to offer, any contributions would be most appreciated,  but for now we can let the music speak for itself.  

First ever 45 worldwide release - Don't miss this one.

Firstly - Mr Will Hatcher - it's been a great pleasure and I hope we can continue to work together.
One of the heaviest dubs ever laid to wax.    Pressed on a loud 45.  This is of course Errol Thompson & Joe Gibbs with 'Chapter Three'.  Don't delay - as with all our releases this is a limited issue & is very unlikely to be repressed, so bag yourself a revived 10 ton slab of wax now.    Kila !

With a special thank you to:
All the staff at Discos Fuentes Columbia, but especially to Maria Patricia Velasquez C, The Archive Department and Mr. Rafael Mejia,  you have all been such a pleasure to deal with. 
Rest in Peace Joe Gibbs.   Rest in Peace Errol Thompson.

Released under License from Discos Fuentes in Medellín, Colombia.
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The Columbian Fuentes Release.

Mixed by Errol Thompson at Joe Gibbs.   Rhythms played by Professionals at Joe Gibbs'  Produced by Joe Gibbs & Errol Thompson.
Re-mix Engineer: E.T. & Joe Gibbs Recorded at Joe Gibbs Recording Studio - Kingston Jamaica in 1978.

Drums: Sly Dunbar; Bass:   Lloyd Parks & Robbie Shakespear.   Guitar: Eric "Bingy Bunny" Lamont & Winston "Bo Pee" Bowen
Piano: Franklyn Waul & Errol Nelson; Organ: H. Buttler & Franklyn Waul & Errol Tarzan Nelson.  Percussion: Uziah "Sticky" Thompson & Ruddy Thomas
Trumpet: Bobby Ellis; Tenor Sax: Tommy McCook; Alto Sax: Herman Marques; Trombone: Vin Gordon.

So, don't miss this deep, dark rhythm counterpointed by the rock solid drum and bass core that simply borders on the awe-inspiring.

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Joel A. Gibson, better known as Joe Gibbs, was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica in the early 1940s and became involved in the business of music from expanding his TV Repair Shop to sell Records in the late 1960s.

His output spans a large part of Jamaica's musical history, from the early days of rocksteady right through to 1980s dancehall, he was responsible for many a hit record and is rightly regarded as a musical legend.

The early 1970's saw Gibbs pair up with the sound engineer Errol Thompson & they eventually become known as the Mighty Two.

This recording has it's roots in Jacob Miller's "Baby I Love You So" which is the vocal to the "Cassava Piece" rhythm & then brought to a stunning new height with the almighty dub of "King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown".
Then late in the 1970s it was versioned over by Joe Gibbs and Errol Thompson as "Chapter Three"-  This was the title track of "African Dub Chapter Three" which was part of the sucessful African Dub series, containing updated recuts of vintage rhythms
Credits from the original "African Dub" LP session that brought us "Chapter Three" aka "Kila Kila"
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